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Release Day Blitz 31 Days of Winter (31 Days #1) by C.J. Fallowfield @cjfallowfield

Release Day Blitz

31 Days of Winter (31 Days #1)

Release Date Dec 1st

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Containing sizzling scenes as well as romance, intrigue and humour, the 31 Days duology contains adult themes and is suitable for the over 18’s only. 

What would you do if everything you thought you knew about your relationship turned out to be a lie? If your boss made you dread going to work each morning, despite the fact that you enjoyed what you did? If you had a dream that you'd never followed because you were scared of change?

Ellie Baxter is a 26 year old Senior Editor in a Publishing firm, whose relationship is stagnant and she feels unfulfilled and underutilised in her career. Following a shocking discovery, her best friend convinces her to take a month out, to give her time to reassess her life. So she books a twenty-eight day retreat in a cute little boathouse, situated on an island, in the middle of a loch, in a remote part of Scotland. Her intention, to be as far away as humanly possible from any distractions. 

The gorgeous caretaker of the island that she has escaped to however, instantly challenges that plan. Sexual sparks fly from the moment he picks her up from the airport. Yet while the mutual attraction is undeniable, he insists that nothing can ever happen between them, they can only be friends. As they spend more and more time together, is it a promise that he can keep? Can a man and a woman with sizzling chemistry really just be friends?

He wants to know Ellie's life story, but refuses to give away much about himself, not least where he disappears to for four hours every day. Ellie is intrigued by him, and becomes determined to break down his emotional walls, as well as tempt him into her bed. But when she finds out his secret, will she still want him?

31 Days of Summer, the conclusion, is due to be released on 26th December 2014.

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Emma Mistress of all Dark & Twisted

31 Days of Winter by C J Fallowfield is the first of a two part new series. I've been enjoying C J's ' for the night' novella series so this was a change of pace for me to enjoy her work with a full length novel.

This novel focuses on Ellie, a woman whose just learned that her perfect world has fallen apart; her fiancé has been cheating on her, has drained their joint bank account and six months ago lost his job. All of which she knew nothing about. She feels betrayed, hurt and overwhelmed. This sense of loss isn't new to Ellie, she's had a series of deep losses and needs to find her trust in people again she needs to get away from everything and everyone. Under her best friend Brooke's encouragement she escapes to Scotland and starts to write her first novel.

While there Ellie meets Dan: a tall, dark and very illusive male. He's the caretaker of the island and will be the one to look after her. He has his reasons for being so illusive and he is the king of deflection and intrigue. He wants his past to stay hidden and is wary of everyone. This reclusive location in Scotland is his sanctuary and Ellie has just changed all that. She is impossible for him to resist. They have a deep, passionate and easy connection which builds over the '31 days' that Ellie gave herself to succeed in her dream of writing a novel before returning home. But Dan's hot and cold treatment of Ellie has her questioning his reasons and wanting to know more about this man whose possibly helped heal her heart. Once Ellie learns more will she want to stay on for longer in Scotland or will the truth leave her fleeing once again to heal a broken heart?? 

Wendy Obsessive Pimpette

Loved this story. The sex was hot, the chemistry was awesome. It pulled me in from the first page, I couldnt put it down. Will be reading book 2

31 Days of Summer (31 Days #2)

Release Date: Dec 26th




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 I write contemporary erotic romance, with humour, which are full of emotion and plenty of drama. I am a 44 year old female from the United Kingdom and live in the wonderful countryside of Wales, surrounded by rolling hills, trees and fields full of sheep and cows. Writing aids include chocolate, Ben & Jerry’s and copious amounts of coffee, wine or cider.

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