Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures for Authors and Bloggers


1. Where all the services are concerned, we will basically take care of all the details. Of course, we will get your approval for everything being used and keep you up to date.

2. We don’t believe in limiting blog stops for anything (blog tours, cover reveals, blitz tours, etc.). The more bloggers that sign up, the better.

3. We have built a contact list of bloggers which we email for each sign-up opportunity. We also post the sign-up links across the social media pages so other bloggers that might want to sign up, are able to do so.

4. Giveaaways during tours– If you are interested in hosting a giveaway, we can set up the Rafflecopter for you. You can also choose to take care of that and just have us share the link (either way is fine). We can also come up with another type of giveaway, it doesn’t necessarily have to be through Rafflecopter.

5. Media Kits: We strive to send out the media kits to the bloggers with enough time prior to the tours since many of them schedule their posts ahead of time. All media packets will be sent 48/24 hours before tour start dates.


1. We cannot guarantee an increase in sales.

2. During tours with review option: We cannot guarantee a certain number of reviews or that all reviews will be positive. We do have a star-rating requirement for bloggers (see below), and we strive to make your tour as positive as possible, but there are times when a review happens that is not favorable. Please keep in mind that this is a possibility. In these cases, while bloggers usually hold off on posting until the promotional the period is over, we can only suggest that they hold off. We cannot force them to take down their reviews.

3. Due to copyright laws, we will not allow teaser graphics that are done with illegally purchased pictures (for example: images downloaded off of Google or Pinterest and/or images that include celebrities). The author must own the copyrights to the images being used.


ARCs and review copies are sent exclusively to those reviewing during the book tour. Since a tour is meant to promote the book on tour, we require reviews to have a minimum of a 3.5-star rating. If you are unable to to give the book an honest review of at least 3.5 stars, then we kindly ask that you hold off on posting the review as part of the tour. In this case, you will be provided the material for a Promotional post instead of a Review post.
By receiving an ARC for review you are also agreeing to post the review on your tour date. Failure to do so may result in your blog being denied review copies in the future. Participation in this tour makes this a binding contract. *

2. Blogger HTML codes will be provided for every tour. These make up a pre-made blog post. You copy/paste these codes onto your HTML area on your blog website, and the pre-made post should appear. We always ask that before publishing said post, you verify that everything looks okay. Sometimes, depending on the website, the spacing between paragraphs and graphics is altered. Wordpress users must check spacing before publishing.

3. A Facebook-ready post will be provided in all media kits. You simply paste it onto your Facebook Page and attach the tour graphics. Don't forget to tag us and the author!

4. Obsessive Pimpettes Promotions discloses the names of all blogs who have, signed up, requested and received ARCs to the author(s) for their information; it is at their discretion to determine which blogs will be allowed to review and whether failure to post a review in a timely manner will result in those blogs being prohibited from reviewing ARCs for that author in the future. 

5. If for any of reason you are unable to post please contact Obsessive Pimpettes Promotions @ obsessedbybooks@gmail.com 
Multiple Failures to post will result in bloggers being removed from approved bloggers list.

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