Thursday 19 April 2018

Re-Release Blitz:
Picking Up The Pieces
Sienna Grant

Apr 21st

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After escaping from a loveless and abusive marriage, Alexia is certain that she'll never find the happily ever after she so desperately longed for. Once a confident and feisty woman, she's now a shell of her former self.

Blake Davids is feeling the burn of betrayal from an ex, though the strong and self-assured man refuses to let it show.

When Blake and Alexia meet there's an instant attraction between them, he can see fragments of the girl she used to be, but Alexia's scars run deep....

Can Alexia pick up the pieces of her heart and trust Blake not to shatter her beyond repair? Is she willing to give love another try and let her guard down, putting her heart in his hands? 

Sienna Grant is a 39-year-old romance writer. She's married to her soulmate and is a mother of 3 children, two of which are all grown up.

When she's not being a mother and wife, she loves to write and make up her own world but still loves a hint of realism.


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Friday 30 March 2018

Release Blitz:
L.M. Mountford
Apr 1st


Vickey Romano is the girl with a secret you don't want to bring home to mum.

Beautiful, hunted and on the run, she works a series of temp jobs under fake names and never lets anyone get too close. Until that is, she met Jake. The living definition of dark and dangerous, who tells her almost nothing about himself, keeps a SIG P226 in his bedside table and can make her go weak-kneed with just a word. 

She knows she should stay away, but the men have her caught in his web and she's helpless to resist.

All she can do is hope her past doesn't kill him in the process..

Im A self-confessed Tiger fanatic called L.M. Mountford and an erotica author trying to break into dark romance, historical action, and sci-fi/ fantasy. Honestly, though, Im interested in anything plot that involves sex and violence. They make up some of the greatest stories in my opinion. A story is like any portrait, it needs to be made up of many colours, but make sure it has these two and youre bound to be a success.
If you cant already tell, Im English (Not British!).
When I was in school, I wanted to be an actor. I gave that up after a Final E grade in GCSE Drama. That was a knock as everyone told me I was great. However, before that and now, my dream is to be a successful author. Well, I may be an author but I doubt Ill ever be successful, so I largely write for the love and challenge of it.
I wrote my first story when I was 14/15. A fanfiction story that I posted online. Im something of a anime aficionado you see, and like any little boy, my mind had a tendency to wander. After that, it wasnt long before I moved into the erotica genre, after all, what is it a boy that age thinks about, and I have been in the genre ever since.
Although Id never really thought about self-publishing, it occurred to me when I was 21 after running across the kindle section of Amazon and seeing how many short stories had been published and were selling. It was something of an eye-opener. Until then, Id thought KDP was for novels. Shortly after, I wrote and published Sweet Temptations: The Babysitter. Id thought that would be the hard part, but after publishing, I came to realise it was only the beginning. Not only that, but I was woefully unprepared.
These days, however, Im locked in a running war with writers block.
My favorite authors are George RR Martin, Bernard Cornwell, Jack Higgins, and Sylvia Day (though not exclusively in that order).
I enjoy cooking, scuba diving and travel. Though the great love of my love is found in the big brown eyes of my baby girl Molly


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