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♥COVER REVEAL♥ ENTER THE MOON BY Jennifer Fisch-Ferguson DEC 3rd



BY Jennifer Fisch-Ferguson

DEC 3rd

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Enter a world where chance encounter changes a woman’s chosen path.

Enter a world where, in the dark of Central Park, a hidden society fights to exist.

Enter the Moon where Her fluctuating phases irrevocably intertwine two lives.

With wealth, beauty, and a voice like liquid gold, life was right on track for Kama DeKosse; then she met Jack and, for once, decided to toss caution to the wind and see where it would take her. The world of romance gave her new encounters and the chance to flirt with the mysterious.

Jack Twist enjoyed his orderly life of power and control. Being pursued was an intriguing challenge and, following instinct, he enjoyed the chase. In a twist he would have never expected, Jack found an amazing passion that ran wild and crazy as Kama brought something new to his life, something that neither of them knew how to control. Unable to resist the attraction, he joined the game as Kama turned his world upside down and made his inner wolf howl with desire, consequences be damned.

Kama can’t deny the overwhelming pull towards Jack, even when she is forced to make a choice that could cost all her hopes and everything she has ever worked for. And just when she thinks it can’t get any worse, life takes her up on the challenge. Kama learns a secret that not only threatens her family and Jack, but also her very life.

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 Jennifer Fisch-Ferguson 2012
An Enter the Moon except by Jennifer Fisch-Ferguson
Kama sat at the bar and mindlessly plunked quarters into the poker machine. So far she had only
lost four dollars and it was a change from her book. She really did want to read it but every time
she tried to get lost in the story, Jack invaded her thoughts. She looked around the quiet and near
empty bar of the hotel and noticed a chipper bar tender who chatted up two very plastic fixed
women and three men towards the back of the bar by the window. A slow stream of people had
come and gone but the watching had been dull. She swirled the wine in her glass while she
figured out what to do next. Mesmerized by the colors that winked against streams of light as the
liquid rippled and fluxed, she stood to return to her room for a nice warm bath. This of course
resulted in tripping over the rungs and to her embarrassment, caused the loudest chair collision
Oh my damn, of course that would be Jack witnessing my clumsiness.
She looked away as three pair of scrutinizing eyes turned toward her. When she peeked again,
she found they had gone back to their business and took the opportunity to look them over. The
first man wore a blue silk shirt, silver tie and dress pants looking every inch a business man but
his companion appeared to be dressed in street clothes. He dressed about one step above a
homeless person and looked not only uncomfortable but out of place.
So maybe I wasn’t so far off in thinking that Jack was a mob boss or something. Maybe these
are his secret hit men.
The notion was still ludicrous to her and she wanted to snicker. Instead she ordered three shots
of pot-stilled whiskey. She wrote a quick bland note and sent them over. She met Jack’s eyes as
he read the note and winked when his eyebrows rose in surprise after tasting the drink. She
would have had more fun with him but his gaze followed by the other men and a fission of fear
wound around her mind. The cold almost feral look coming from the man in the business attire
shocked and unnerved her on a gut level but she couldn’t have said why. Kama found her drink
to be the perfect target for staring at and after risking a quick peep at them she discovered that
they had gone back to their conversation and although she couldn’t hear anything they said, it
looked to be intense.
Kama decided that she was not in the mood for dinner alone, and wondered if she could convince
Jack to go to the spa or dine with her. She had planned to go luxuriate at the spa, but she had
been forced to spend the day alone and she found she wanted company. More specifically Jack’s
company appealed to her and she smiled as she tried to figure out the best way to invite him
along. She continued to plunk quarters in the machine and was winning, sort of. While her
thoughts churned in her mind and planned how to convince him that a dinner date would be fun,
she felt the heated intensity of someone starting and turned to find Jack standing behind her.
“Been having fun?” he asked.
She noted the twinkle in his eyes as he looked at her scores. Kama sat up a bit taller on the stool
to defend her game. Jennifer Fisch-Ferguson 2012
“I suppose so,” she said. “I had to find something to do to fill in the gap in my time.”
“Thanks for the drink, it was much needed” he asked
“You are quite welcome for the drink.”
He looked at her with an intensity that got her fidgety and nervous. She looked around and when
she couldn’t calm her nerves, she flashed a smile at his chin since she couldn’t meet his eyes.
“So what happened to the pirate novel?” he asked. “All the lace and frippery fun is done?”
“I keep getting interrupted every time I try to read,” Kama said. “Although, it’s been interesting
company so far. The joy of almost being done with shopping is great but my stomach decided to
wrap itself around my spine, so I came down here for a snack. And for your information I got
stood up, not once but twice today. Since my plans were shot, I had nothing to do, and since I do
not plan to pout the day away in my room; I figured I would come down here for a change of
scenery until my appointment this evening.”
“I have a hard time believing anyone would ever stand you up,” Jack said.
She tried not to stiffen as the raggedy looking man came over and stood close to Jack but she
wasn’t sure what would happen. A small part of her brain filed away that he didn’t smell bad for
a homeless person. She started to turn back to the poker game, when Jack stepped in front of her
and blocked her view of the man. She opened her mouth to protest but they walked a few paces
away to the corner of the bar and spoke in quiet tones.
Damn I wish my hearing were better, I really wonder what they are talking about. I hope this
isn’t going to be some gun fight or like a gang initiation. Oh wait, Jack is coming back; we
should ask him to come to the spa with us. Cynthia can pay for our date, that will teach her to be
a better friend.
“Boy rude much? Couldn’t he see we were talking?” she said.
“Guess he isn’t big on manners,” Jack said.
“That’s a big understatement, besides I sent drinks for everyone. It’s not like I monopolized your
time or anything,” she said, then paused “Although I would be happy to use your time if you
would accompany me to Lucky’s. It would be nice to have some pleasant company after a day of
being completely alone. We can celebrate the end of shopping for gowns.”
She met his gaze and after ten seconds of quiet her inviting smile began to falter.
Damn I hate when he gets all quiet on me like that. I think he does it on purpose, I bet he would
be just as surprised if I just up and kissed him. Damn Kama, don’t think like that, not with him in
front of us! See what happens when he goes all quiet?
She flushed at her own thoughts and fixed her eyes firmly on the stool rungs. She wound her feet
through the rungs to buy her some time and a flimsy excuse of not looking at him. After about
thirsty seconds of quiet she had to have sound or she would die. Jennifer Fisch-Ferguson 2012
“So how about the spa?” she asked. “If you want to come along we have to leave now, since they
don’t take late appointments.”
He smiled and nodded at her. Kama started to stand off of the stool but forgetting that she had
wound her feet through the rungs, tripped and sat back down hard. She heard a chuckle turn into
a weak fake cough from Jack. She righted herself with a sheepish grin.
Nice, so I almost end up on my face and of course he laughs. See if I offer to take him to dinner
after the spa, he can just starve.
“Come on then,” she said.
She walked toward the valet, but Jack reached around her and gave the man a ticket and seconds
later a shiny black Hummer was brought around. Kama gave a low whistle in appreciation.
“Wow, is that the new Hummer?” she asked.
“Yes, would you like to drive?” He asked.
She smiled even wider as Jack nodded, smiled, and opened the driver side door for her. Kama
winked at Jack and hopped up into the driver’s seat, adjusted it, slid on her shades and turned to
give him a wide smile. She looked down at the controls and then turned the key. The low hum
vibrated through the car and she absorbed the power greedily.
“Are you ready?” she asked.
“Sure,” he said.
Kama put the Hummer in reverse and pushed the gas. It reacted more than she thought it would
and so she gripped the wheel and shifted to drive and drove down the driveway. As she adjusted
the radio to find a station that didn’t play drivel, she heard some yelling behind them and
wondered who was having a fit about their car.
People need to treat the valets better, they are just doing the job and it takes longer to get the car
then they think. I mean, really, who is having a temper tantrum. This is a sweet car.
She turned to look at Jack and noticed he sat rather stiffly, so she gave him a reassuring smile.
“So you learned to drive at the Indy 500?” he asked.
“No, New York City,” she laughed. “Although there is a lot less traffic here.”
“I see,” Jack said. Jennifer Fisch-Ferguson 2012
She shook her head; she wouldn’t have guessed him to be a nervous rider, so she made it a point
to turn smoothly around the corner. He actually clenched the door handle, so she sped up a bit.
She reasoned the sooner they got to the spa, the less time he would have to sit in the car.
For L.A. being a hub of music it sure is hard to find a good jazz station. Oh wait, here’s some
Etta. Maybe if I sing a bit it will show him that I am calm and he will calm down too.
“You do understand the car can go below sixty, yes?” he asked.
Nope, not calm at all. I only sped up because he was being such a nervous Nellie, we will be
there soon enough. I can’t believe that he drives such a big vehicle if he is so nervous on the
road. He must walk a lot in New York. He’s one of those who has a driver but lives like two
blocks away from his job.
“Like there is even enough space to go sixty. I know I’m speeding a bit but I don’t want to lose
my appointment,” she said.
Kama didn’t look at him as she zoomed through a yellow light. She knew that there would be a
lot of disapproval and maybe even a shed tear or two, so she tried to spare his dignity. She
looked at the digital display for directions and found they were very close.
“Don’t worry; we’ll get there in one piece. I promise,” she laughed.
“Yes but the friction will slow us down if we collide into other cars,” he said.
Damn I missed the turn. He is so nervous that he makes it’s hard to concentrate.
Kama didn’t realize that she had sworn out loud until she heard Jack echo the same sentiment.
She turned the music down a bit, to help her hear the GPS directions. She patted him on the leg
and made a very careful U-turn to head back to Lucky’s. Once there she unbuckled her seat belt
and hopped out of the car. Even though the air conditioning had been on, she still went through
the motions of fixing her hair. With a saucy wink, she tossed the keys to the valet and strutted
into the spa.
That was awesome. New York is just too damn congested to drive but I really like doing it. I
should drive more, maybe even get a car.
Kama waved over a female attendant and ordered the whole works for the both of them. She
tapped her fingers against the counter and turned to smile at Jack.
“Without a doubt the most intense ride I have ever had,” Jack said.
“Well we certainly couldn’t be late. I learned my lesson a few days ago, better to be safe than
sorry,” she said. “And I certainly didn’t want to miss this.” Jennifer Fisch-Ferguson 2012
Kama gave him a haughty look at his raised eyebrow and mentally shook her head. She doubted
he really would understand the stress of missing appointments. She shrugged and followed her
attendant to the changing room.
As she lay on the table under the ministrations of someone with god like hand, she relaxed. The
past few days of shopping really had stressed her out and she felt her muscles unknot. She
inhaled the lavender and mint from the massage oil and happily dozed off. She woke as the
attendant finished the final rub on her soles. She stretched languidly and wrapped herself in a
fluffy white robe.
In the changing room she looked through the selection of suits and chose a deep cranberry one
piece. It flattered her figure and she saw no reason not to leave a bit of mystery instead of a body
flaunting bikini style. She walked out into the hot tub room and sat on the bench to stretch one
more time. She was there mere seconds before Jack came out, she approved of the black silk
trunks he wore.
“Welcome to the good part,” Kama said and climbed into the hot tub with a low rumble of
pleasure in her throat.
“We have a few hours left before they close,” she said. “I figure we can hang out for a while and
talk, unless you have somewhere else to be.”
“Sounds like a reasonable plan,” he said.
She wanted to splash water at him as he smiled and stared at her.
He must know that I hate it when he sits there all quiet. It’s just not natural to sit and stare at
each other without saying anything. I should splash him, of course he might splash me back and
they just did a beautiful job with my hair. Okay, if he won’t talk, I will.
“This is a beautiful spa,” Kama said.
“Yes, it is. They would have waited for us,” Jack said.
“Really? I lost an appointment yesterday because I happened to be a tiny bit late- and only
because of another dress fitting. I wouldn’t chance I might lose this appointment too.”
A waiter opened the door and entered the spa room causing their conversation to cease.
“We have a full bar and a list of appetizers available for you this evening,” he said.
With a devilish grin and a nose wrinkle at Jack, Kama placed an order that she knew would
shock Jack. She knew Cynthia would certainly hate the bill, but it seemed a fitting punishment
for the whole gardener incident.
“I'd like a bottle of Cristal, and one set of each appetizer,” she said. Jennifer Fisch-Ferguson 2012
“Yes ma'am, right away,” He said.
Impressed with the unflappable waiter, who to his credit did not quite blink as eye as she ordered
some eight appetizers, Kama sat back and pushed the button to turn the bubbles back on.
“Champagne? Jack asked.
“Why not? We are celebrating and unless something has changed in the past two hours; people
tend to have champagne when celebrating,” Kama said.
She gave him a lofty look and winked at Jack. She wanted to sigh as he smiled back but just
stared at her again. She dropped her gaze and seemed very interested in swiping her hands
through the bubbles.
“I agree it is definitely the drink to have while celebrating,” Jack said. “It’s just I had expected
something with more spice from you, not so sweet and girly.”
“Sweet? Girly?” Kama asked.
Kama definitely regretted not splashing him with water.
So if he’s not staring at me, he’s picking at me. I wonder if Jack dates a lot, he is really bad at
flirting. Someone should tell him, that even in jest, it’s not okay to mock one’s date. Oh damn,
we’re on a date and I asked him. Wow. Okay pay attention to him before we get a stupid smile on
our face.
“Okay feminine then,” He corrected. “But it’s okay, we’re here to relax and you’re right, it
should help.”
“I do believe you are making fun of my drink choice,” She said.
“Perhaps,” he said.
The waiter returned and she watched Jack take the flutes off the waiter’s tray and hand one to
her. She tapped her glass against his and took a sip. He was staring again, so she decided to play
the game. She looked deep into his eyes and ended up caught in the depths. Her saving grace
was his coughing but she was gracious enough not to make fun of his not being used to
“Well if you can do better…” Kama said. “By all means try.”
She tried to continue to look at him in mock severity but failed and laughed as champagne
bubbles went up her nose. She moved closer to him, and made it a point to reach across him to
set her empty glass on a small table nearby and then sunk back under the water. Seconds later
Jack’s glass joined hers and he when the waiter returned Jack promptly ordered 7 & 7’s. Jennifer Fisch-Ferguson 2012
“What are those?” Kama asked.
“A real drink,” Jack said.
The waiter had returned before their conversation had made any real progress. She gave him a
saucy wink, lifted her glass to return the salute and took a sip.
Why do people drink something that tastes like bear ass. This is terrible. Real drink indeed, men
drink this crap to torture each other under the guide of being grown enough to handle it. What a
“So this is your idea of a real drink?” Kama asked. “Others might challenge your questionable
She looked out the frosted windows at the sculpted bushes as Jack made a sound that was a mix
of a laugh and a cough. It just verified her theory on the drink really tasting horrible and Jack
ordering it just to make her drink something gross. She set her drink on a small table near her,
and didn’t touch it again. After a few moments of stifling silence Jack cleared his throat a few
They made more idle chit chat about her life in New York and though she tried not to get
defensive when he asked about her friend, it came out anyway. All of the drama and hurt
feelings about her interactions with Cynthia during her trip came to the surface. She jabbed the
button and more bubbles erupted in the hot tub and tried to relax again.
“Do you have a lot of friends Jack?”
“Very few I would call real friends. It’s hard in the business world to keep a lot of friends. Most
people want you to believe they are, at least until they get what they need from you,” He said. “I
have quite a few associates but most people find me down right intimidating.”
She wanted to snort at his lofty speech but instead settled for rolling her eyes. She had no doubt
he was a good businessman but he was pretty daft, he had no idea she was flirting with him.
“Intimidating, really? Here I figured you were pretty good company,” Kama said.
“Probably because I am not trying to take over your business,” he said.
“I am my business, being a vocal performer,” She said. “Not like you could take me over.”
“So, what is your area of expertise?” he asked. “Just don’t tell me jazz.”
She laughed and even as he joined in; she doubted he would ever understand what a gift he had
given her. It would rank as one of the best nights ever, even if she had left him stranded at the
jazz club. Jennifer Fisch-Ferguson 2012
“Opera primarily, but I also perform classical.” She said. “Although from time to time I am
asked to perform some contemporary pieces but I try to take venues that put my training into
practice. Although I have found opera being performed at Christmas parties is a big failure.”
“I suppose I should count myself lucky Charlie convinced you to go on stage at the club,” He
“That happened only because you happened to take me to see my favorite jazz duo of all times,”
she said. “It’s not like it was a concert or anything. That was for enjoyment, my professional
performances are a completely different experience.”
“I’ll have to make it a point to come see one of your concerts.”
“If you wish,” she murmured. “Just don’t critique me too hard.”
The talk about meeting each other in New York made her stomach churn, she wasn’t sure that he
would fit into her life back home. Soon enough he was teasing her again.
Damn he keeps me off balance and it’s hot in here.
“I promise I’ll be nice. After all you don’t work for me so I can afford to be nice. If you worked
for me I might have to be critical or something,” Jack said.
“Like I would ever give you anything to be critical about? Are you still thinking of taking me
over?” She said pushing her hair out of her eyes. “I am sure I would be able to handle working
for you just fine.”
The waiter entered the room and she met Jack’s smug smile with her own.
“I believe it is your turn Kama,” Jack said.
“Two Appletini’s,” she ordered.
Jack laughed as the waiter left and she looked at him triumphantly.
“Well those sound positively like one of those fancy woman-style drinks,” he said. “The kind I
figured you would stay away from.”
Kama flashed him a condescending look and when the waiter cleared the area; she looked again
at the appetizers but found none appealing.
“It’s a good business drink,” she said. “After all we are sitting here talking about business.
Although maybe not so much business because weren’t you just trying to convince me you were
intimidating and I wasn’t buying it?” Jennifer Fisch-Ferguson 2012
“Regular martini’s, not the apple,” he corrected. “Apple flavored anything isn’t business like.”
“The apples ones taste better,” she said with a shrug.
“I wouldn’t know,” he admitted.
“Well why would you? It’s not one of your manly drinks,” she said. “At least now you get a
chance to find out. Do you not like fancy drinks Jack?”
“No, I’m rather a plain sort of guy.” He said.
“Plain?” she scoffed “A plain man who just happens to wear Armani? Armani is not plain.”
“Carla, my Executive Assistant, insists on me looking professional,” he said. “I would prefer
jeans and flannel.”
“Flannel hmmm?” she queried. “I would like to see you in flannel.”
She smiled thinking about him dressing in flannel and missed the chatter from him but noticed
when he moved forward and wondered if he was going to try to kiss her or taunt her some more.
She didn’t quite sigh as the waiter returned with their drinks. Kama smiled as Jack took the
glasses off the tray, handed her one and then raised his glass to hers.
“So are you going to make a manly toast, to counteract the girly in the drink?” she asked.
“Manly? Careful pet you will prick my temper,” He said.
“Should I fear your temper?” Kama asked.
She took a healthy sip of her drink. She closed her eyes with the taste and sat back. The gentle
buzz pulsing through her body was a good feeling and she matched his witty conversation with
sassy answers that made him smile. She looked over the rim of her glass at him.
“So what is your business?” she asked. “I already told you all about my life, what about yours?”
“I work in raw materials,” he said. “I love the mills; they are where I started from. Of course now
I’m mostly in the board room or in meeting around the world so I used them as my reality base,
just in case things get too intense.”
Kama was having hard timing following his conversation. The giddy feeling seemed amplified
by the bubbles dancing around her and she had to bite back giggles. She caught the last bit of his
response and tried to nod sagely.
“Yea, I can see you getting a bit intense,” she agreed.
“Only when necessary,” he said. Jennifer Fisch-Ferguson 2012
“Jack?” she asked with a burning need to connect to him.
“Yes, Kama?”
“I think you are intense most of the time,” she said. “Then again, I think it is part of the mystery
of you.”
Kama was proud of her very intense observation of him, mainly because it kept her from running
her fingers over his chest. She wanted to touch him and wondered if he was having the same
feelings. He said more but she was having a hard time concentrating. Between the heat and the
alcohol, her head was beginning to disconnect from her body and float away. She was used to
wine but not hard liquor and certainly not this much.
“Do you think you are ready for the big bad tequila?” Jack asked.
“I am sure it will be harsh and manly,” she said.
“Harsh and manly,” he said with a laugh. “Sweetheart if you even knew…”
She grinned at the term of endearment and while she waited for this big bad tequila drink, Kama
turned on the jets again and watched the bubbles float and pop around her. The waiter brought
their drinks back and she was amazed at the colorful display.
“It’s pretty,” Kama said.
“What is?” Jack asked.
“I said your oh-so-manly drink was pretty,” Kama said.
“You dare mock me?” he growled at her.
“I dare a lot,” she said with a wink.
Kama took a healthy sip of the drink and finding it tasty, took another. As heat poured down her
throat she sunk back down into the roiling water until just her chin showed and gave a low earthy
moan of pleasure. Jack started to talk to her again and she gave up hopes of keeping up with the
conversation. That pretty little drink made her pretty dizzy.
“Indeed...” Jack said. “It is very soothing. The benefits of being the last appointment of the day,
we pretty much have the place to ourselves.”
“It’s like living the fairy tale life,” she said.
She gave Jack a wide smile; but felt flushed and a buzz hummed through her body. He had
mentioned something about business, and that was a safe topic so she tried to talk about it. Jack  Jennifer Fisch-Ferguson 2012
gave her some look she couldn’t decipher, so instead she finished her drink. He started prattling
on about some shipping business thing and she tried to be interested but she wasn’t. So Kama did
the next best thing she knew, she leaned forward and kissed him. Her wet body pressed against
his chest, and felt the heat pour off of him and slam into her. Soon he had control and pressed her
against the tub. After a moment they broke for air.
“Mmmm, nice,” she whispered.
Her body was pulsing but she couldn’t make her thoughts make sense so Kama stood up and
grabbed a towel, her steps wavering and wobbly as she walked out of the hot tub. She was too
hot and needed some cool air.
Gods, we are drunk, why are we drunk? That is crazy; oh crap I need to sit down. Okay Kama,
go change first.
She finally managed to get dressed but wanted to take a nap.
“Jack?” she called out.
“I think I am ready to go back to the hotel,” she said. “Jack?”
“Yes Kama?”
She could hear the laugh in his voice but had no idea what was funny. Although she did note
that the windows got really steamy and wondered if they were from their kiss. Kama decided she
really wanted to go back to the hotel and turned to face Jack who stood close with a bemused
look on his face.
Damn he is hot, well the hot tub is hot but he is sexy. Really sexy like the most sexiest man. Okay,
focus, we should go back. Maybe he will drive, I wonder if he wants me to drive?
“Do want me to drive?” Kama asked.
His laughter rumbled against her chest as he pulled her close. Kama took advantage and kissed
him on the corner of the mouth slowly working her way across his lips. He led her to the car and
she leaned her head against the passenger side door. All too soon they were back at the hotel.
“Can I stay with you,” Kama asked, at least she thought she did. “I can’t go back like this.”
“Don’t worry, I’ve got you. You don’t have to go back anywhere,” he said.  Jennifer Fisch-Ferguson 2012
She tried very hard to walk in a straight line from the car to the doors and then into the elevator.
Kama felt the world spin and she leaned against Jack for support, since the floor wanted to pitch
and sway. The next thing she felt was Jack scooping her up and then laying her on the bed.
Some fairy tale something tried to enter her thoughts but the world grew darker and she
succumbed to sleep.

Jennifer Fisch- Ferguson has been writing and publishing fantasy stories since  2003. Publishing credits include short fiction, writing contests and novels.
She attended the Eastern Michigan University and graduated with a B.A in African American History and promptly went to work with AmeriCorps on a literary initiative. She went to the University of Michigan and got her Master’s degree in Public Administration in 2008 and while she finished writing her thesis, also got a Masters in English – Composition and Rhetoric in 2009. She recently is working on her PhD at Michigan State University in the field of Writing and Rhetoric. She has been teaching collegiate and community writing classes since 2003 and loves the variety and inspiration her students bring.
She currently is finishing her trilogy and dutiful writes on her blog space about her journey. She is excitedly expanding her ever developing world and looks forward to the new adventures waiting to be written.

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