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Happy Release Day C.J. Fallowfield 31 Days of Summer (31 Days #2) @CJFallowfield

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31 Days of Summer (31 Days #2)


C.J. Fallowfield

Release Date Dec 26th

This is the second part of the 31 Days duology, which must be read in sequence to avoid any spoilers.

It’s been six months since Ellie last saw Dan in Scotland, having thrown herself into her new position at work to try and distract herself, she’s finally feeling like she can move on. While out on a first date however, chance throws Dan right back into her path, reigniting all the feelings that she’d so desperately tried to suppress.

When her date recognises him, and tells her who Dan really is, and what he knows of his past, Ellie automatically feels conflicted. While she’s still not forgiven him for the secret he’d tried to keep from her, she knows deep down he’s the man she wants. Once again, Brooke persuades her to book a flight to Scotland to confront him and get the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Will Dan’s candid explanation resolve everything and pull them back together, or will his confessions prove insurmountable for Ellie and drive a final nail in their coffin?

UK                 US                AU

by Emma Mistress of all Dark & Twisted

31 Days of Summer is the second part of the 31 days duology and picks up straight from the ending in 31 Days of Winter. C J Fallowfield gives us the whole of Dan's story this time. The reasons why he's become the way he is, what happens in those four hours everyday when he disappears and why he hide his identity from Ellie. Fate brings them back into each others lives and he opens up and tells the truth but the path to true love never is easy. This path is full of twists and turns, emotional highs and lows and I for one cried tears of utter devastation and happiness throughout!!
Dan is a man used to getting his own way as a CEO and dominant personality but Ellie is no push over either. She refuses to accept anything less than the future she wants, so Dan has quite a few rough wake up calls this time. She sees a future for them both but will Dan let go of his ghosts of the past and allow himself to enjoy a happy future or will his fear of history repeating itself rule over any chance of happiness for them both??

"You're my other half, Ellie. The ying to my yang, the light to my dark....I'd love to give you what you want, but I know myself too well. I can't."

With many adored characters back again in this conclusion from the previous novel it's a delight to read and fans of C J's 'For the Night' series will be happy that one or two characters make an appearance in this book too, they make for some very humorous moments and enligtening angles on Dan's past.

This book ends without a cliff hanger, but the final chapter leaves the option open for further books involving some of these characters. I definitely hope so as I'm left desperate to know what happens next!!

*** copy received in exchange for a review on behalf of Obsessed by Books ***


by Nadia Chief Obsessive Pimpette

~*~obsessed by books copy given in exchange for an honest review~*~

"Scars are reminders of our pasts, to never take things for granted, to remind us to take a different path in the future so as not be doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over."

The concluding second part of the 31 days series follows Dan as he bares his soul and reopens his many scars. I felt this was his journey through grief, acceptance of things that can not be changed and the realisation that life is for the living. It is a heart wrenching tale at times as the course of love never runs smoothly and as he is so alpha male and stubborn too he really needs a kick a time or two!

Revelations of his actual identity, his past and his trust issues throw multiple spanners in the works but Ellie takes it all in her stride. She is an amazingly strong woman, with such a pure heart that was a sheer pleasure to read. She battles his demons and slays his dragons in a noble fight to allow him to live not be haunted by the tragic events of his past.

The backdrop of a host of characters, including Logan from For the Night series, enable you to step into Ellie and Dan's world, showing the different facets of their natures, adding depth and humour. I love CJ's style of writing, it's so descriptive and has layers of emotion. I laughed, I cried and I shook my head at times...but mostly I sat with the hope that they would reach their HEA. No cliffhanger ending but definitely scope for a little more...

5 scorchlingly hot, loving stars.

by Wendy Book Obsessed Pimpette

* * * obsessed by books arc given for an honest review * * *

what can I say. when I finished 31 days of winter I couldn't wait to see what happen between oliver and ellie , so now here I am and I'm lost for words. oliver"dan" is just awesome my heart breaks for him, I want to slap him to. ellie makes me want to hug here and then I want to shake her, so you see why om lost for words., but the love,passion, understanding of these two is a love everyone dreams of. C.J has done it again. I laughed, I cried, I cussed, I got hot and bothered. This book has it all and I even loved how we seen a little bit of the forever sexy Logan Steel. Great read. Hope get to read the next one soon , I'm dying here.

Excerpt of 31 Days of Summer

‘Does it change how you feel about me?’
‘No!’ I retorted quickly and firmly as I twisted in my seat to look at him. ‘It makes me think you’re even more amazing. Do you know how many men would do what you’re doing? Virtually none. I think I’ve fallen in love with you that little bit more, if that were even possible.’ I gasped as he suddenly veered off the main road down a track. ‘Shit, you just scared me, what are you doing?’
‘I’ve waited long enough, Ellie. I need to be inside you again. Right now.’
‘But we’re a few minutes from the hotel.’
‘A few minutes too long,’ he advised as he sharply braked, pulled the handbrake on and deftly unhooked my seat belt, seconds after his own. ‘Are you wearing knickers?’
‘Yes,’ I nodded, as I caught my breath at the blazing heat in his deep green eyes and felt the need radiating off him.
‘Then I suggest you take them off if you’re partial to them, if they’re not off by the time I make it to your side of the car, I’ll be ripping the damn things off you.’
‘But we need to talk,’ I protested as he manoeuvred his legs over the gearstick.
‘We can talk after. You wanted proof I didn’t lie to you, I’ve given it you. Talk isn’t going to change the fact that I want to fuck you, just as much as you want me to.’
‘Shit,’ I whimpered. I quickly hoisted my dress up as he edged closer, lifting his right leg over the piece of metal separating us. By the time I raised my hips to start tugging my tiny knickers down he was next to me. The sound of his breathing was as fast as mine. As I kicked them off I heard him undoing his zip. There was going to be no romantic seduction, this was going to be a quick hot fuck, and knowing how Dan fucked, I was all in. I gasped, not only to see he was commando under his jeans, but to lay eyes on his large cock again. In my imagination, or memories of it, he wasn’t that large. He took my breath away.
‘Straddle me, quickly,’ he ordered. I did as I was told, barely escaping knocking myself out on the low roof and he repositioned us on the passenger seat as he yanked my dress over my head, leaving me naked. ‘Fuck, your tits are sensational. I’m going to lavish them with attention later, along with that juicy clit of yours, but now this is going to be hard and fast. Understood?’
‘Understood,’ I nodded as he grasped my hips.
‘No one else is ever going to fuck you from this moment forth, Ellie. You belong to me,’ he growled.
‘That goes … both ways,’ I breathed, as I reached down and grasped him, positioning him at my entrance, desperate to feel him filling me again.
‘Are you wet?’
‘Yes,’ I sighed, as we locked eyes and I felt my insides do multiple somersaults. He literally took my breath away he was so handsome. He didn’t even have to work on me to make me wet, being around him had me in a constant state of damp knickered arousal.
‘You’d better be, because I’m telling you now, once today isn’t going to be enough for me. Kiss me, kiss me like it’s our last time. I need to feel how much you want me,’ he demanded, as he forced me down onto his thick shaft, groaning as I screamed. I dug my nails into his shoulders, acutely aware I was completely naked in his car in broad daylight, while he was fully clothed and currently bruising my cervix he was wedged in me so far. He reached up with one hand and grasped the back of my head as I panted, wriggling my hips trying to accommodate him without pain, and pulled my face down to his and kissed me with an intensity I’d not felt before. His tongue prodded and probed, entwined around mine as I moved my hands into his hair and started to move on him. ‘Christ Ellie, I’ve missed this. I’ve missed you,’ he uttered between our frantic kisses.
‘I’ve … missed you … too,’ I whimpered, as he angled his hips and lifted up into me as I bore down on him. ‘Uhhh,’ I cried.
‘Scream. I want to hear what I do to you, how I make you feel. This, us, it’s never going to get any better with anyone else, you know it too. I’ve not even started with you Ellie Baxter, I’m going to take you to new sexual heights, show you what your body is capable of, the pleasure it can bring us both. I’m going to fucking ruin sex for you if you ever leave me, because no one will ever compare to me. Just like you’ll ruin it for me.’
‘Yes,’ I called out, as I worked as hard as I could on top of him. His fingers digging into my hips, the others weaving tightly into my hair as he forced my lips back onto his, crushing them with the furiousness of his passion. How could he possibly make sex even better than this? I just couldn’t comprehend it. There must be sexually bereft women all around the world, having been tossed aside by him when he was done. Why was I so special? My nerves were working overtime sending pleasurable sensations to all my outer extremities. ‘Uh … uh … uh,’ I mewled.
‘You’re so close, hold it for me,’ he groaned. ‘I can feel you tightening around me, coating me. I’m nearly there too Ellie, but after this gentle sex we’re going back to the hotel and ordering room service, so I can spend the night fucking you properly.’
Gentle … sex?’ I gasped, as I looked at him wide eyed. He chuckled and powered into me from below even harder. ‘Dan,’ I screamed.
‘Louder, baby. Let me hear what I do to you,’ he ordered, as he kissed and bit the side of my neck. I prayed there were no hikers in the surrounding area as I screamed over and over, the Land Rover bouncing, the suspension groaning along with Dan, as the windows started to steam up. ‘Now, Ellie. Come with me now.’
Dan,’ I sobbed, as my climax ripped through me and I fell backwards as I spasmed, Dan’s strong hands catching me, supporting my neck and lower back as he yelled my name and coated my insides with his come. He hauled me up onto his chest, crushing me to him as the aftershocks rippled through me. I felt his lips on my neck and a hand stroking my hair, soothing me.
‘Now you’re my girlfriend,’ he murmured, with an audible smile. ‘Anyone who tries to touch you had better watch themselves. Starting with that damn Tom.’

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 I write contemporary erotic romance, with humour, which are full of emotion and plenty of drama. I am a 44 year old female from the United Kingdom and live in the wonderful countryside of Wales, surrounded by rolling hills, trees and fields full of sheep and cows. Writing aids include chocolate, Ben & Jerry’s and copious amounts of coffee, wine or cider.

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