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The Domville (The Domville #2) by C.J. Fallowfield Release Date: July 17th @cjfallowfield

The Domville (The Domville #2)
Release Date: July 17th

The Domville 2
No one knows what goes on behind closed doors

Lisa Roberts was about to experience the happiest day of her life, at least that’s what everyone kept telling her. She was getting married in the morning, to her childhood sweetheart, Brady Collins. Brady was the man who took her virginity, who treated her like a delicate, rare and precious flower. She loved him. She couldn’t remember a time that she hadn’t loved him, but part of her wondered if this was it. If their tender love making and harmonious relationship was as good as it got. They sailed along on smooth waters, with barely a ripple to disrupt the flow. Shouldn’t love be choppy, blinding, scorching, passionate, volatile and dangerous? Leaving you unable to breathe when you were apart? Clinging to each other in the eye of the storm?

A chance meeting with a sexy guy at a bar, while she pondered her fate, challenged everything Lisa had ever believed in. Was Brady really the man of her dreams, or could an abandoned night with a stranger far exceed them?

The Domville 2 is the second of a series of self-contained hot erotic reads, set in the exclusive six star hotel chain.

Warning – This is an erotica series, if you’re after a happy ever after, then I’d suggest trying one of my erotic romance novels instead.

This novella contains explicit adult sexual content and is suitable only for those aged 18 and over.

"Why did we ever make that stupid damn get out of jail free pact?"

Brady and Lisa are about to get hitched, high school sweethearts that have only had eyes for each other their dream wedding is all set. But pre wedding nerves have set in and they share a few home truths that have huge consequences. Lisa reveals her concerns about Brady's prowess in the bedroom and how she feels cheated that he always comes and yet she never does through penetration. Brady reveals that due to his concerns of not being able to satisfy her he used the pre agreed get out of jail card on his stag do. Totally shocked that Lisa hasn't cashed hers in Brady is left kicking himself! 

Leaving to spend the pre wedding night with her sister and maid of honour Mandy, Lisa is uncertain about going through with it. Can she marry a man that techinically didn't cheat on her as she had previously agreed to it and more importantly can't satisfy in her bed? Mandy's solution is to go get her flirt on and tap some male hotness in the Domville bar. Judging that the doubts are due to lack of experience and a sheltered sex life. Encouraging Lisa to live on the wild side and use her free pass before she decides, Lisa sets off to see what happens.

A night of unadulterated passion with a stranger she finds in the bar leaves Lisa with an ephinany. Brady unable to cope with the thought of losing her has spent the evening before his wedding getting primed to be the man of her fantasises by taking tip tips from his best friend Roger, a known man whore. Becoming the alpha male he is known to be at work he takes matters into his own hands and shows Lisa exactly what she will be getting if she says I do. Will they? Won't they? Can they move past the hurt of using their free pass?

The Domville sure is an ideal place for a little drama and a whole lot of dirty naughtiness that will curl your toes ! This book is full of CJ Fallowfield's signature erotic yet humorous writing style and characters that you just can't help falling in love with. At times I often wonder what alchemy this woman practises as every read is as magical as the last and has me gripped from cover to cover.

A five star jaw dropping laugh out loud read.

C J Fallowfield's next episode in her erotic Domville novella series covers one controversial issue of does the 'free pass' experience really work and if both parties agree, is it really cheating? 

This instalment follows soon to be married childhood sweethearts Lisa Roberts and her fiancรฉ Brady. They have been together forever experienced every first together and have a relationship that's envied by all their friends, everything is in their lives is perfect except Lisa has one issue: she's never experienced an orgasm with Brady through sex!! 

With their wedding day fast approaching and Lisa's concerns reaching climatic levels and knowing Lisa isn't herself Brady gets her to open up and in doing so admits to honouring a pact they made years ago before they became emotionally connected and planned a future together. The pact allowed them a free pass to have sex with 1 other person and he did so on his stag do. 

This revelation throws Lisa into a spiral of hurt, pain and confusion and Brady into a tailspin of how to best fulfil his duties as a man, husband and be a devoted lover as well as honouring a pact they made so long ago. 

What transpires will surprise, shock and enthral you as this is a story that will keep you gripped throughout and engage your every emotion with two characters that you invest in from the start. C J Fallowfield writes people who are real, who truly speak to you and therefore you care about what happens to them. With many plot twists and dramatic moments be warned this is one book not to be missed!!
* * ARC given on behalf of obsessed by books for an honest review * * 

I love this woman, every book is amazing but this one, this one had me reading in aww. Lisa and Brady are forever lovers, they're childhood sweet hearts who first experiences have been shared just between them, they have the kind of love that's envied, but looks can be decieving. See Brady and Lisa are perfect except Lisa has never experienced a orgasm with Brady and to some that might be a big deal but, it's bothering her, hell it bothers me. Brady knows that lisa isn't herself, so keeps on her to talk and in doing so confesses on using his free sex pass that they came up with years ago before lines where crossed , now doing that Brady has went out on thier relationship, does she have a right to be up set, will she use her pass or will she move on with Brady. omg this was amazing. Hooked from the first page, I mean who would have thought having a pass to have sex would be a good ideal, I loved it. I'm so ready for the next one.

I write contemporary erotic romance, with humour, which are full of emotion and plenty of drama. I am a 44-year-old female from the United Kingdom and live in the wonderful countryside of Wales, surrounded by rolling hills, trees, and fields full of sheep and cows. Writing aids include chocolate, Ben & Jerry’s and copious amounts of coffee, wine, or cider.

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