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Blog Tour: Twisted Knights MC Series by Lauren Calhoun June 1st – June 10th @L_Cal_author

Blog Tour:
Twisted Knights MC Series
by Lauren Calhoun
June 1st – June 10th

Twisted Knights: Angels and Demons (Twisted Knights MC,#1)

I wasn't sure it was the Jack Daniels or it was Demon. When his tongue found it's way into my mouth I could feel a fire starting to burn between my thighs. The moment I saw Demon at Twisted, I knew he was down for a sultry good time. He stepped back and I couldn't help it but I started to cover myself. He smacked my hands away, the scars that nobody has ever seen suddenly felt like they were on fire under his gaze.
“What happened?”
It almost brought tears to my eyes.
“An abusive ex.” I replied mournfully.

Rebecca fights with her past demons and tries to hold on to her future. Her babies are her life. Jack is a forbidden obsession at first, but could be more if luck is on her side.

Continue to read as the plot thickens and takes a turn for the scandalous.

****** Reviewed on behalf of Obsessed by Books ******

This is the first in the series of a brand new MC book, and the first debut by by this author.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised, this book will have you hooked from the first page, the writing is like that from an established author.

We follow the story of Demon and Angel. Angel is on the run away from an abusive ex and Demon has demons of his own. Two people that come together and help each other in ways that they didn't know were possible.

The story is a fantastic one and I really enjoyed it, there is a cliffhanger so be warned, but I think that makes you want to second book in the series even more. I for one cannot wait for the second book.

Congrats Lauren on you fantastic debut book

~*~ Obsessed by Books copy given in exchange for an honest review ~*~

"There was only one way this could end, one of us has to die."

When the past is too horrifying to comprehend sometimes we have to evolve and become someone else, someone stronger, someone shaped by the trauma that has been survived. Angel is a sassy, sexy in control woman. The sister of the MC's Vice President she has returned to the safety of the club to fly under the radar of her abusive husband. Re inventing herself and shedding the Stepford Wife image he had sculpted she is no longer Rebecca but Angel. Mother to twins, paying her way by working at the MC bar she is taking control of her life after losing so much of herself to a bad bad man that professed his love for her when really he just wanted to be her master. Reclaiming the first part of herself he stole Angel sets her sights on a handsome biker that just so happens to be at the right place at the right time. He burns away the touch of her husband and rekindles passion and lust that had been long forgotten.

Determined to be stronger and no longer be a victim Angel asks her brother Steel to help train her. He enlists the Sargeant At Arms, Demon. Also suffering from a bleak past and a fractured soul Demon is no longer Jack. He too has taken steps to reinforce his heart so he no longer feels the crushing pain. We read through flashbacks his and hers dark pasts, learning what drives them and makes them tick. Ready to train the VP little sister Demon is shocked to find the woman from the bar...

With passion, banter and a plot with a blend of intrigue and drama this debut MC book ticks all the right boxes. I became quickly lost to the characters and their story and cannot wait to read the next installment!

An excellent five star cliffhanger read!

** I was given an ARC for an honest review **

Wow what an action debut novel by Lauren Calhoun. Twisted Knights is the first in a new MC series and wow what a great read. If you enjoy reading MC books then this book is for you MC biker lovers. I know I am one of them and I really liked how Lauren wrote Twisted Knights. I was hooked on the first page and couldn't put it down loved every minute of it.

Demon is the bad boy that Angel meets and sees how he really is. He has a softer side when he is around Angel. They both come from a very sad past they both had to deal with. When Angel and Demon come together they try to make everything work for them both.

Can't wait to see what is in store for us from Lauren Calhoun so looking forward to the next book.

* * ARC given on behalf of obsessed by books for an honest review * *
omg, omg that's all I can say. this book was awesome . jack"demon" is one sexy beast. There is nothing better than a bad ass with a big heart. Rebecca"angel" is running from an abusive husband and her brother who is VP of twisted mc . Angel has to protect herself along with her baby twins, so her brother wants her to learn self defense and wants her to learn from the best and the best is Demon. when angel meets Demon for her first class he realizes that this isn't the first time he met her. I loved this story so much, the only problem it wasn't long enough. I'm so ready for more.

Amazing MC book

This book was recommended by my review club so I bought it. I will say that this book was simply amazing. I always generally enjoy Mc reads but this one was so original and captivating. Great writing and the storyline was fabulous. Excellent book. I highly recommend.

Angel is hid from her husband with her children under her brothers protection. Sh has to stay safe for her babies and herself. She knows that if Clarke finds her....she is dead.

Demon is battling his own fights of regret when he agrees to help Angel learn how to defend herself.

Over the course of this book, there are fights, emotional battles, and new love growth.

This one is a must read.

I wasn't sure it was the Jack Daniels or it was Demon. When his tongue found it's way into my mouth I could feel a fire starting to burn between my thighs. The moment I saw Demon at Twisted, I knew he was down for a sultry good time. He stepped back and I couldn't help it but I started to cover myself. He smacked my hands away, the scars that nobody has ever seen suddenly felt like they were on fire under his gaze.
“What happened?”
It almost brought tears to my eyes.
“An abusive ex.” I replied mournfully.

Twisted Knights: Heaven and Hell: Twisted Knights MC Book Two

ANGEL has been taken, no one knows where to. She is struggling to keep her sanity and stay alive. Clarke keeps reminding her that she is all alone, that no one will come for her, she struggles to remain UNBROKEN...

DEMON wakes up after a month of being in a coma to find that Angel still hasn't been found. After receiving a random phone call, Twisted Knights MC heads across country to bring her home...

When things take a turn for the worst, Demon has to help Angel out of her own HELL. All while fighting the demons from his own past...

Will they find their HEAVEN or be stuck in HELL? Read on to find out.

This is the second book in a series. Book 1 is Twisted Knights: Angels and Demons
Content not suitable for 18 and under!

~*~ Obsessed by books copy given in exchange for an honest review ~*~

"I want you to know that I will love Demon like there is no tomorrow, because in truth, like you and Steel learned tomorrow is not promised."

Heaven and's a fine line and no one knows that better than Demon. Having already watched his first love be gunned down in front of him, in his place and die in his arms he awakens after a month long coma to the news that his Angel has been held captive in a secret location. The MC have been unable to find her as her abusive yet powerful husband had gone to ground as there is much more at stake than they originally thought.

Angel is in a living hell, kept prisoner but they man that has tried to break her she is desperate to keep her secrets. Pushed to her limits Angel refuses to snap for him and denies him his end goal even though he tries every weapon in his arsenal including beatings and rape. Angel has grown strong under the tutelage of Demon and she has so much to fight for. Believing her lover and brother dead she refuses to give in, desperate to survive and return to her twins. Angel battles to win and outsmart her evil husband.

This second part of Angel and Demon's story continues on from where we were left hanging, and the pace is non stop. Brutal, gritty and totally MC this book has everything going on. Angel proved she is loyal to the bone to her man, her brother and the club. Demon steps up, becoming everything he never thought he could be. This book has a perfect blend of violence, romance and bitter sweet happiness that is essential for any MC read as the club life is what it is...and it's never easy.

A five star gasp out loud read
Wow what a great series the Twisted Knights is. I couldn't wait to get my hands on this to read and follow our heroes Angel and Demon. As they both have faced life and death and been through hell and back. Lauren has created very likable characters that you will fall in love with and the story will hook you and sink you in the series. Twisted Knights: Heaven and Hell continues right off where the first one ended.

We see Angel being kidnapped and away from her lover Demon. Demon is fighting for his life and has no idea where Angel is at.

You will have to read Twisted Knights: Heaven and Hell to see what happens with our heroes. I highly recommend reading this series you won't be disappointed!

*** ARC given for an honest review ***

* * ARC given on behalf of obsessed by books for an honest review * *

I'm speechless. Clarke has taken angel and she goes through beatings, rape it's horrific what she goes through but she stays loyal to the club, even though she thinks she's lost everyone. When demon finds out where she is the hunt is on. This book kept me on the edge of my sit. demon and angel suffer so much that I was glad to read this book. I also liked how we seen everyone's pov. great series so far looking forward to more about this mc.

I received this ARC for a honest review. Having read the first book, I was very excited to read this one.

Demon and Angel have been through hell and back. All I can think about is her safety and the fact that I want Clarke dead.

Angel is taken and Clarke is totally responsible. She is beaten and raped. Loyal as she is, she never turns on the club. Demon finally wakes and he is determined to find her and see to it that she is safe.
With the help of a nomad, they finally find her. Thought out the pain and heartbreak, somehow she survives.

This book is a true MC book. I absolutely loved it and I cannot wait until the book is ready.
Excellent writing. Highly recommended. This series is a must read.


Angel was laid out underneath of me and Her silky smooth hair fanned out around her head. Completely naked, hard as nail nipples and soaking wet pussy. My hand softly ran up her side, below her arm. I grabbed her shoulder and rolled us both so that she was sitting on my stomach. The way the sun highlighted her body made her look like a true Angel. I could smell her scent mixed with the outdoors, causing my dick to twitch. I'm in Heaven. She rocked her hips along my ABS smearing juices all over. I reached up and grabbed her tits, squeezing firmly. A soft moan escaped her lips as she threw her head back.
“Oh, Demon.”
I lifted her weightless body and aligned her with my cock, dropping her and burying my thick cock deep inside of her.
“Oh shit, babe. That pussy is still tight for me.” She moaned as she rocked, To lost in pleasure for words.
In a flash, everything changed. It all went black and I reached out for Angel, but she was gone. I could hear her sobbing, I looked all around but didn't see her anywhere. A flash of light went off behind me and I turned quickly. There she was on the floor, handcuffed and gagged. I tried to run to her, but steel gates slammed down in front of me. I watched as faceless beings beat her. I shook the bars and screamed. If being with Angel was Heaven, This was surely Hell. A whispered voice touched me, causing me to jump,
“Fight. Wake up and fight.” I was sure I had heard that voice before. So feminine, small even. Angel's voice sounded like honey, this voice sounded almost god like. It hit me like a cement brick to the nuts, MEG.
“Meg, What do I do?” I dropped to my knees and placed my head in my hands. How do I choose? Life or Death, Meg or Angel. The voice came back, haunting me,
“She needs you, fight.” I made up my mind, in that moment. Angel needed me and it was time.

Well, What can I say besides the fact that I am a bored stay at home mom that wanted to share some of the inter working of my brain. I have always loved to read and have so many ideas for good novels/novellas, so please follow to get the most up to date information.

Other then that my life is pretty simple. Married for 5 years to my amazingly supportive husband. two beautiful kids. I have a crazy family, with tons of drama (makes for good writing). I love reading and tattoos. 19 tattoos and counting. MC romance is my number one favorite. After that who knows, I can't list everything that is on my TBR list.

I would love to give a shout out to one very important man... Mr. Lucian Bane. His books have helped my marriage beyond words. This is not a teacher pet kind of post, this is real shit. His work help me find myself, which then led to me writing! So, I need to thank him, Lucian if you ever read this know that your work means the world to me!!!

Any other questions, just ask, I am a pretty open book. LOL pun intended.

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